Friday, March 12, 2010

We're a Couple of Libs

Famous song by Judy Garland and Fred Astaire: We're a Couple of Swells

A Paddy Whack ©
"We're a Couple of Libs"

We're a couple of Libs
We're real good at telling Fibs
But no one sees the knife before we stick it into your ribs
We're a couple of Nuts
We joke about spending Cuts
But bankruptcy will fell you just as well as an uppercut
The Patriots all have sent us lots of Tea
But we don't take deliv'ry no siree
No siree!

We would drive up the Deficit, so we're printing up more Cash
We would add to the Deficit, and predict a Wall Street Crash
We would tax for the Deficit as your credit line we Smash
Then we'll lie 'bout the deficit
Then we'll lie 'bout the deficit
Yes we'll lie while the deficit we amass.

G.M. Motors are we
We push you to Bankruptcy!
Your CEO is fired so you hand all the keys to me!
We're the favorite Tops
We're expert at photo-ops
We'd like to show you Air Force One but you'll have to bring the cops!
The Patriots all are marching in the streets
But we don't care to listen in the least
In the least!

We would yell at Republicans, but they haven't got the ears
We could call on the Democrats, but they've been corrupt for years
We would look for a Patriot, but it's risky to be Joe
So we'll Chalk up the Deficit
Yes we'll Chalk up the Deficit
Yes, we'll Chalk up the Deficit to B.O.!

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