Monday, March 1, 2010


Paul Revere and the Raiders: Kicks

A Paddy Whack©

Well, you thought you found the answer when Ted’s Massachusetts seat went ‘Right’
But when we woke up in the mornin’ the Blair House Project’s in sight
Well, there’s nothin’ that B.O. Ain’t tried
To raise Obamacare ‘Denied’
But if he don’t back down there
I bet he’ll pay the price

(Oh don’t it seem like)
Tricks Just keep growin’ larger? We find
That all those tricks ain’t givin’ me peace of mind
Someday you’ll find out it’s too late,
Tricks just infuriate!

No, we don’t like tricks
We don’t want ‘help,’ Gov!

Well he seems to think that we all need what we don’t want:
But it ain’t happened yet, And it won’t!
All Patriots swear
Don’t you see no matter what you try
It’s We the People see the Lie
And if you keep on pushin’
You’d better say a prayer

[repeat chorus]

No, we don’t like tricks
And you’d best heed the words we say
Your road goes nowhere
Freedom and the Truth is what we love
We’re here to stay!

[repeat chorus and fade]

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