Monday, March 8, 2010

I Can't Say Whoa!

From the musical Oklahoma: I Cain't Say No (Rodgers & Hammerstein)
Here's wishing our representatives would say WHOA as the current administration and Democrat-led House and Senate are driving us over a cliff. GOP and Blue Dogs, this song is for you.

A Paddy Whack©
I Can't Say Whoa!

It ain't so much a question of not knowin what to do
The Constitution spells it out quite clear!
But now I'm here in Washington, and what you hear is true
About how Reid and Nancy bend your ear
I know Big Government should be reject!
But when I'm near Obama
I forget!

I'm just a fool who cain't say whoa
We're in a terrible fix!
I always say, "Go with B.O."
Just when I oughta say Nix
When a person tries to trick the state
I know we oughta foil that sneak attack!
But just one look at Barry's face
And somehow I forget to watch your back!

I'm jist a fool, I like B.O.
I think the man is a saint
Why give him any constraint?
He is so cool I might Faint!
I cain't say Whoa.

What ya gonna do when a feller plays dirty?
And don't he talk purty?
What ya gonna do?
S'posin that he says that a car czar is hired?
The CEO's fired!
What ya gonna do?

S'posin that he says th' Right's meaner than mean,
That Chicago machine won't die!
What ya gonna do When the Marxists Say
"Mao is our guy!" ?

I hate to be the "party of no"
Labels like that are not right!
Goin' along like dominos,
Has landed me in this plight!

Other politicians bow and scrape
And all those others get the pork and power!
When we had that vote to stimulate
I must admit it warn't our finest hour!

With every teleprompter speech
I'm taken in by B.O.
Wherever he tells me I'll go
Gallop to win, place and show!
I cain't say Whoa!

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