Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keester Parade!

Just in time for the holidays!

A departure from the original Music: Easter Parade

by Irving Berlin, Lyrics: Irving Berlin, Book: Moss Hart,

Premiere: Saturday, September 30, 1933.

Could any political symbol be more apros pos than an A$$ (my family always said "keester") for the Democrat party? Keester is a variant of the word Keister which means satchel or in slang: Buttocks. Either meaning works for me. They are all a bunch of carpet-baggers, including some of the RINOS in the GOP.

Having trouble with the tune?

"Keester Parade"

Never saw pols look quite so ditzy before
Never more impressed! Teleprompters and more!
When they aggravate, or commentate their lotus-eater warnings
Are they out of touch? Think we aren't keeping score!

When they all astonish, and everyone admonish
Their Propaganda-laden words! A Keester Parade!

They'll be all a flutter, and say the Right's a nutter
But all those words they utter are just Keester Tirades!

On the Avenue,
Penn. Avenue
The photographers will snap them
And you'll find B.O. likes to spread his manure

Oh I could write a ditty
About how he's not witty
And add the Congress to the list! The Keester Parade!

[Alternate chorus]
All the bark and show!
Isn't just B.O.!
With a teleprompter handy
The newsmen will swoon as they hype this buffoon

Oh, I don't mind the Wagyu
My beef is how they Gag you
And call it Fairness Doctrine!
It's the Keester Parade!

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