Friday, March 5, 2010

Ghost Writers Spin His Lies

Due to the mysterious nature of the writer behind the Teleprompter, I have decided to re-write my parody to Ghost Riders in the Sky. Enjoy! (Original by Johnny Cash)

A Paddy Whack©
Ghost Writers Spin his Lies

Obama's makes a bee-line for his Teleprompter space
The media takes photos of the Dear Obama's face
Just like a tennis match he swings his head from left to right
A-reading telepromptered words, and sounds like Reverend Wright

We wonder who is writing out the pablum that he spiels
Without his crutch he can't say much he's just a big schlemiel
A bolt of fear runs through us as he hypes the falling sky
Economy is fading fast,
He must save us or we'll die!

Yippie Yi Ohhhh!!!
Yippie Ki Yaaay!!
Ghost Writers Spin His Lies

Reporters swoon, they sing his tune, no proclamation vet
No matter if he breaks his word, his promises forget
'Cause they want to hide their heads, no random questions for that guy
The Teleprompter is their friend
And they help him spin his lies.

As the writers fed his prompter I believe I heard my name
If you want to save yourself you need to generate a brain!
Reporter change your ways today and challenge what he tries
Behind his telepromptered words
You'll recognize the lies!

Yippie Yi Ohhhh!
Yippie Ki Yaaayy!
Ghost Writers Spin His Lies!
Ghost Writers Spin His Lies!
Ghost Writers Spin His Lies!

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