Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blue Hawaii (Blew Hawaii)

"Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama is considering at least a short delay to the start of his holiday vacation in Hawaii so he can try to work out a deal with congressional Republicans on the Bush tax cuts that expire December 31, CNN has learned.

Two senior administration officials tell CNN the White House has been getting signals that the lame duck session of Congress could drag on past December 18, when the president is scheduled to depart for Hawaii.

Obama has privately said he is willing to stay in Washington until Christmas Eve if necessary to finish the contentious debate over taxes, the officials said.

While administration officials do not expect that Obama will have to stay in town until Christmas Eve, which he did last year because of health care reform, they believe there could be a delay of at least a couple of days."

Blew Hawaii (Made famous by Elvis)
A Paddy Whack

Just for you, I blew Hawaii
Those mid-terms now are past
And Lame-Duck's chappin' my ass

Just for you, I blew Hawaii
Now it is my last chance
To nail things down.

Don't you see, they should all consider me
Why should we... delay our plans?

Just for you, I blew Hawaii
Just one more DREAM will do
And then I'll fly
to HI
it's true.