Wednesday, March 9, 2011


MOORE: A Paddy Whack
From the Song (Frank Sinatra/Bobby Darin) More than the Greatest Love
by Marcello Ciorciolini, R. Ortolani, N. Oliviero

Moore is the greatest fool the world has known
When for his words and films will he atone?
Moore has a simple-minded thing to say
He only lives to lie to you each day

Moore is a propaganda tool
He's a liberal lying fool
He has lost all reason
Lying, screaming, nearly treason

Longer than fairy tales his nose would grow
If only Disneyland could make it so
He has an Oscar so he thinks
Everyone his Kool-aid drinks
But I do not wish for Moore!

Moore made his fame upon the death of truth
Made fame and fortune on the death of youth
From Columbine to Cuba he has spun
Films that will say we have no need of guns

Moore rich beyond belief
He says wealth creates more grief
We all should revile the wealthy
Cuba's way will make us healthy

Our liberty has stayed a long, long time
But with this dumbing down we're in decline
I know a Marxist when he speaks
And his message simply reeks
No I don't want more Mike Moore!