Friday, November 27, 2009

Coke Says 'Hopenhagen'

I understand that Coke is signing on to the the Copenhagen meeting to try to push the global envrironmental agenda that will be discussed. The treaty that has been in the news would effectively hand over our sovereignty and place our future in the hands of the UN. I have re-written a parody from my book. This is based on Wonderful Copenhagen, from Hans Christian Anderson.

Wonderful Hopenhagen
A Paddy Whack©

Wonderful, blunderful, Hopenhagen
Obama’s mantra we sound
'neath this global scare
Sovereignty's not there
Let us think! He’ll bring us down

To blunderful, dunderful, Hopenhagen
Coke floats a message to me.
Once he's there, I say,
Will we rue the day?
He's in Copenhagen
Saying he'll sign on to hopenhagen for me!

I swear I’m not antiblack
But he’s not a brainiac
Though he’s artful, and charm's his forte
And there they stand, Al Gore and he
With a message to harm and obey

Blunderful, dunderful, Hopenhagen

[musical interlude as we picture Al Gore and Obama waltzing]

Wonderful, blunderful, Hopenhagen
Barry can only expound
See his resume
Nothing’s there you say?
Let us think! This man’s a clown!

For Blunderful, Dunderful, Hopenhagen’s
Changin’ the land of the free
Once a treaty's met
We'll not soon forget
He sought hopenhagen
Blunderful, dunderful, hopenchangin' from he!

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