Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prize for Peace? WTF???

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Ok. The votes are in from the panel of 5 for the selection of the 2009 Nobel Laureate for Peace.

Pardon me while I throw up!!!

Barack Obama. mmm mmm mmmm

Well, he's in great company. Past laureates are Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Yasir Arafat, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Ahmadinijad joining them next year.

So, why is it that this is supposed to be a prestigious award again? What exactly has BO done in the first 9 months of his usurpation of our White House to achieve such an honor? His name had to be submitted a mere two weeks after his inauguration! Wow.

And the reason given for his selection? Apparently he has 'reached out' to Muslims. Wow.

Be careful reaching out to them lest you bring back a bloody stump.

The world has gone mad. My head is about to explode, and I cannot help but think it is just another sign of the times. Isn't there something about the end times bringing forth a man that is heralded for bringing Peace to the nations? Wars and Rumors of Wars? Natural Disasters on the upswing? (Tsunamis? Volcanic Activity? Earthquakes? Famine?) People worshiping the Anti-Christ and calling him God?

If this ain't it, it's sure a great dress rehearsal.

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  1. Yes Mrs. Paddy....Totally 'MAD'! Hard to maintain a good-balance of sense with all that is happening? But I keep giving myself a Reality Check! The things going on are deinetely along the lines of Prophesy and I believe 'Satan' actually thinks 'it' can beat GOD. HaHa, I say! No~Way because God is the Almighty! bo continues on a path that is 'sneeky' & 'suspicious' in every aspect. He has demonstrated his worth by continuing with his 'mystery' of 'birth-origin' & his shoveling piles of $$$$ to protect his 'hidden~foot~prints' tracing his background. The more people who come out to support this man (to me) should be viewed as a 'revalation' or exposure of the 'wicked'! Keep up the Posts & I will try to keep up with commentary feedback as well! Great to Connect with You!ЯÖĢΞЯ ĐŐĎĢΞЯ◄:•þ