Monday, October 26, 2009

My Etiquette Czar

Walter Catlett: Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (from Pinnochio)
A Paddy Whack©
My Etiquette Czar

My Etiquette Czar
Will tell you what is par
Some dulcet tones when you go to town
No shouting or any dressing down
Please heed what we say!
We all will rule the day!
It's great to be on the winning team
Obama-czars for me!

No giggles we say!
A sober man will sway
We all can hide 'neath our union thugs
We don't want anger, we all need hugs
My etiquette czar
Is my new commisar!
And don't you think our advice is free?
Obama-czars for me!

My Etiquette Czar
Tells you the repertoire
No matter that you seek Liberty
My Czars and Congress all work for me
Just stay where you are
And heed my Commie-Czar!
We soon will all have health care for free
A Single Plan for me!

What's angering you?
The things I say are true!
Don't question why we won't share your plan
It's silly! You're just a common man
My plan will conquer each dread disease!
And don't you know money grows on trees?
Hi! Silly! It's free!
Just give your cash to me!

Don't question my plan!
You're just a common man.
I fly around in old Air Force One
My royal reign here has just begun!
My teleprompter's a hired-gun!
And don't you know that I'm still The One!
Just listen to me!
Who cares for Liberty?

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