Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome to the Nobel, Pal I Warn Ya

From Hotel California by the Eagles

Welcome to the Nobel, Pal I Warn Ya!
A Paddy Whack©

On a dark rainy morning, TV news was bleak
I thought I might up-chuck, at the words I heard speak
Live from Oslo Norway, Nobel winners were named
My head was shaking and my mouth said ‘Oh’
I had to gasp, “This is Lame!”

There they stood on the boob tube
I felt my ears spilling smoke
And I was thinking to myself
This could be drama or this is a joke
Then they cut to the news feed
All the news was the same
There was laughter in the corridor
I thought I heard them say….

Welcome to the Nobel, Pal I warn ya
Such a phony prize
Such a phony guy
Plenty of loons got the Nobel Prize I warn ya
Leaders in disguise, don’t’ believe your eyes.

This all seems certainly twisted, he’s got a cadre of czars
And here’s the nitty-gritty, boys, he owns GM cars
How they dance in the White House, Nine-Eleven Forget!
Our soldiers remember, Peace is purchased with sweat!

So I called up a Google
Please list out the line
We’ve hardly had a worthy soul since nineteen seventy-nine
But will these choices of laureates mar the score?
Kofi Annan, Yassir Arafat?
Jimmy or Al Gore?

Welcome to the Nobel, Pal I warn ya!
You’ll see Barry’s Face
This is a disgrace!
They’re livin’ on hope at the Nobel. Pal I warn ya!
Such a nice surprise! Is his alibi

Cheerers set me reeling!
Olympic campaign: no dice!
And he said he will accept the prize,

Such a lovely surprise!
And the master Commander
Pins his promise on Hope
More appeasement is his silly guise
But I just feel ill, the dope!

Last thing, you’ll remember, he was

Gunning for the poor
We have to find the passage back
To the USA for sure!
Relax, said Obama
I have programs to deceive
You can picket any time you like
But you must change! Believe!


  1. Great parody mrs P :)

    Oh I fixed the link for ya today :)

  2. This is great stuff.Thank you- Glad I found your site!

  3. Thanks for dropping by Susan. I tried to stop by your blogspot but couldn't get the link on your handle to work. :-( I'm glad you found me too. I wonder how that happened?

  4. Mrs. Paddy, I go to so many different sites that I can't really pinpoint exact spot; I do not have blog, I spend too much time checking political opinions out. I fwded your blogspot to others. Please know, my sister has blog of her own and is intent on getting ACTION!

    Katie writes great poems, loves poetry. I'm so upset I can not convince her to open your site.! Her mind is on overload right now. I will try again! Thanks again for laughter!

  5. Thanks Susan, Please come again! I will visit your sister's blog. Thanks. (Believe me, I understand the over-load!) LOL