Monday, September 20, 2010

Try in November

Music: Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics: Tom Jones
Book: Tom Jones
Premiere: Tuesday, May 3, 1960

Try In NOvember
A Paddy Whack

Try in November, it's time to remember
When We were Free. No Flags were Yellow
Try in November, it's time to remember
When we all drank that Kool-Aid Jello
Try in November, It's Time to Remember
When all we elected that shallow fellow
Try in November, and if you remember
Then Swallow.

Swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow Swallow, swallow, swallow swallow.

Try to remember, that vote last November
That made us weep into our pillow
Try to remember, that Vote last November
That Dream of Hope a peccadillo
Try to remember the kind of November
When Tea Was a Party about to Billow
Try to remember ! Drink TEA this November
And Swallow!

Swallow (repeats)

Seek this November, we all must remember
Although you know B.O. Will 'foller'
Seek in November, we all must remember
Without a vote we all must 'swaller'
Seek in November a kinder December
And Fire the Pretender that made us 'holler'
Seek this November
We all must Remember
And swallow!

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