Thursday, September 30, 2010

For the One Nation March

From the Finale ONE A Chorus Line

[One Nation Marchers]

One March upon our nation
No more baby-step mistakes
One March for we Progressives
We'll do all that it takes
One March On Washington, We're here to see it through
You know Those TEA Party marches were just Doo-Doo

He walks into a room
And you know
He's uncommonly bright, healthy physique
His teleprompter will help him to speak
He walks into a room
and you know from his
Arrogant pose, mouth in a curl
He's the Duke of Hurl
Can't, Help,
All of his qualities bemoan-ing.
Where is his charisma when he's a
Tax Money-laundering, socialist gambler?

One moment with Obama
And we're sure he'll pass the test
And we'll soon restrain the rest
No Guns! Son!

Ooooh! My! Communist intention
Do I really have to mention?
He's the One?!

[TEA Party]

One? What a silly notion
We've been marching all year long
One? such a big commotion
To bad they are all wrong!
One March and suddenly they think we'll all agree
One March and they think their coffee's as good as TEA!

One! Moment left for Congress
'Cause we think they failed the test.
Voting day will put to rest

Oooh! Sigh! They have our attention
Do...I...really have to mention?
He's No 'One?

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