Sunday, August 8, 2010

There are no Strings on Me

From Pinocchio Harline/Washington
A reprint from my book. Page 299-300

I've got no strings
That make me dance
They feed me Lines, Give me a Chance
IF I had strings
They'd bury me
You'll see no strings on me

Hi Ho I'm Barry O.
I'm a puppet don't you see?
I want the world to know
Naught should ever worry thee
You'll see no strings
To make you frown
To tip my hand, with-hold my crown
I have wings
And you will see
Those angel wings on me!

I see no strings
To worry me
We love you by the Zuider Zee
Ya Ya Ya
the Germans too
We're in the tank for you.

I see no strings
Qui parle pour vous?
Les Francais voient votre jeu
Je vois des cordes
Juste entre nous
Qui D'autre parle pour vous?

We in Al Qaeda know
How to make war ebb and flow
We'd like the world to know
Barry should win place and show!

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