Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reprise from my Book: Get You Some Victimhood!

From the song "Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharohs (Ronald Blackwell)

Get You Some Victimhood!
A Paddy Whack©

Who's that we see talkin' victimhood?
Why didn't you think that Barry would?
Hey there get you some victimhood
Those prospects look real good
You're everything a big bad liberal could want
Listen to me!

Listen to Hollywood
They all think that Jimmy Carter's good
He's walking to see Mahmoud and Hamas alone
What big ears you have
The kind of ears that Dumbo has
Why don't you tune in; not cop out
If you won't listen maybe then we'll shout.

What loose lips you have
You hang around with some who're bad
So before you place more Cracker Shame
I think you ought to embrace your middle name!

Some bitter folks have guns to tote
We will need them for our vote
'Cause we don't trust you'll leave our Second Amendment alone.

Grab you some victimhood
Like the Black Panthers say you should
But we might think they aren't so great so we won't!

What a big eyes we have
The better to see you plan
Barry Obama-man,
Black or White?
To me you're Tan.

Go on and see naught but race,
Slander us to our face
Maybe you have won the race
But you are a White House disgrace!

Hey there Grab you some Victimhood
Hope sure is sounding good
You're everything that a big bad liberal could want
I mean Bah!!!!


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