Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Forty-One, Forty-One

So much for the 60 vote super-majority in the Senate. Now we have 41 to slow them down. A year ago, would you have taken a bet that Kennedy's seat (the People's seat!) would go to a Republican? Interesting times!
New York, New York by Frank Sinatra

Forty-One, Forty-One
A Paddy Whack©

Scott Brown’s in the news
They’re reeling today!
He has the people’s seat to fill
For us! Forty-one!

That Kennedy chair
Belongs now to us
He’ll step right in the thick of it
For us! Forty-one!

I saw we 'Woke Up' in a bastion
Of Liberal votes!
To find him riding his truck-Oh!
Feeling his oats!!

My Teddy-town blues
Are melting away
Gonna make a brand new start of it
He’s Forty-one!
If we can win it there!
We’ll make it anywhere!
It’s up to you! Scott Brown

Forty-One!!! Forty-One!

We want to wake up that old city
That’s filled with crooks!
To take on kings of the Hill
Cooking the Books
Seats can’t be bought!
Just stop the deals!

My Washington Blues
Are melting away
We’re gonna make a brand new start of it
With Forty-One!
If we can stop it there
We’ll save our dreams I swear!
Come on, come Through! Scott Brown!


  1. Paddy Dahlink! Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!!
    Go girl go! :-)

  2. Mrs. P,

    I finally figured out how to get blogspot to accept my comments, so I'll be leaving them more often at your blog.

    Great parody!

    For your enjoyment, here's a video you may find hilarious: