Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Twas the Night Before New Year

'Twas the Night Before New Year
A Paddy Whack©

‘Twas the night before new year, And throughout my brain
I saw one Obama year go down the drain
The Stock Market plunged; On the rise: Obamacare
While visions of GITMO trials add to despair
The Senate was feeling so smug and brain-dead
While visions of bail-out schemes danced in their heads
Obama in the White House, he Lies, that’s a fact
Had just doubled down to withdraw from Iraq
When out on the mall there arose such a clatter
Two million Tea Partiers – all mad as hatters!
Away in the ghetto some line up for cash
Believing that they’d soon receive Barry’s Stash!

The Loons on the left in this dog ‘n pony show
Came with bluster and outrage their opponents to slow
When what to my horrified eyes should appear
But a terrorist bomb on a Christmas plane here
And faster than Bush-bashers laying the blame
Napolitano saved Homeland Security’s name
Al-Qaeda, a new Yemen terrorist plot!
(The TSA rule book that leaked is forgot)
And then hear our weakling, if you need more proof
Say ‘systems worked’ smoothly; but somebody goofed!
As I knew in my head, praising God he was caught,
We were lucky that he failed his terrorist plot

Look at what we have now, from the Capitol mall
Czars and Mao-lovers rule: Socialism install
Money to purchase GM and the Banks
Now Health Care and Energy join in the ranks
A third the economy is held by the Fed
And now all our Liberties soon will be dead
You say it’s absurd, and our nation is strong
But when they ignore us you surely are wrong
When TIME magazine doesn’t mention a throng
That descended on Washington 2 million strong
When media bias is Pravda reborn
And Senate and House disregard all they’ve sworn

The lies, how they blossom; the truth, there’s not any
The cheats are forgiven back taxes, that’s plenty
Our dear Constitution’s not given a thought
And the deals made for Yes votes show all can be bought
No Phone Calls are answered, No Faxes allowed
And a pay-off of millions made a Landrieu proud!
Ben Nelson gets favors, his state is exempt
Is it any wonder they feel our contempt?
Arm twisting and dealing all in dark of night
They don’t read the bill, and the left shuns the right
And laying aside any ethics they go
Marching along to the tune of B.O.

They don’t keep their word but go out on a limb
Ignoring the oath that’s expected of them
Defense of the nation is sold out for pork
Not one fears the people might grab a pitchfork
They jump to the orders of Nancy and Reid
And freedom’s survival is fading indeed
But they’ll hear us exclaim when we set things aright

"Freedom is what we cherish, Liberty our birthright."

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