Friday, September 4, 2009

Hey Van Jones

Casey Jones (Johnny Cash Version)

A Mrs. Paddy Whack©
Hey Van Jones

Come all you Patriots, you'll want to hear
The story of a man that has Obama's ear
Now Van Jones is the so-called Green Czar's name
And I'm here to tell you all about his rise to fame.

Radical from Oakland, friend to killers too
A Nine Eleven Truther, and Black Nationalist who
Has sought to free a cop-killer, Abu-Jamal
Now he's got a brand new office on the national mall.

Hey Van Jones, He's Obama's flunky
Hey Van Jones, Eco-Fear his friend
Hey Van Jones, A member of the Cadre
Just another czar for Barry, this has got to end.

He was a member of a group called STORM
And that ain't all if you will heed! Be warned!
He's been a part of the Apollo group
And he thinks we poison people! Is this man a Stoop?

Barry's confidant, he's Jarret's, star
Who's watched since Oakland this man rise to Czar
He wants a retrofit with Eco-jobs
Using climate fear to turn us into shish kebabs!


Green-collar jobs now are his claim to fame
At least the book he wrote does bear that name
Social justice in an eco-pack
But I think the lad's solution runs us off the track!

Should we be worried? Or should we beware?
Obama's czar believes in germ warfare!
He's got a rap sheet and served jail-time too
Now were's all supposed to think that green is blue.


Headaches and heartaches and all kinds of pain
Are all a part of B. Obama's game
Sweat and Toil and Taxes on our back
Hurling headlong into danger on Obama's track.


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