Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Reverend Mr. Wright

Based on the Classic country song: The Reverend Mr. Black by Johnny Cash from my book of parodies (slightly amended)

He spoke loudly in Chicago he was black and mean
And at first you'd a thought no one could be that obscene
But one look in his church and an ear to his song
Showed a man like Wright to be outright wrong
He was a racist preacher man, and I want you to know
He could preach such hate he could melt the snow.
He married Obama and Michelle, in fact,
And folks all knew his church was just for blacks.
He came off as a hater, not a bit like King
And sometimes in the evening I could hear him sing:

You gotta walk that hate-filled valley
You gotta walk it with my help
Oh nobody white can walk it for you
You got to walk it with my help.

If ever I thought to join Obama's camp
Thought his 'hope' and 'audacity' made him a champ
I gave that notion up the day
I heard the things his preacher had to say.
It wasn't enough that his wife was not proud
When she criticized our nation before a crowd
But when he thought he was leading the race
Obama spoke up: insulted us to our face!
He showed himself to be a typical mule
And to my way of thinkin' it took a real fool
To say that we were bitter and gun-totin' hacks
But that's what he said, and he cannot take it back!
He'll sink like a rock, that man among men
And we won't tolerate all those insults again
And now with a voice as strong as can be
We'll cut him down like a big old tree when we sing

You gotta stop campaignin' Barry
You gotta stop it by yourself
For ANYBODY else is better than you
Put your campaign upon the shelf.

It's been many years since King and Rosa Parks
And I really think our nation took their cause to heart
I can still hear those inspirational echoes ring
When he emphasized our character, that Reverend Dr. King!
We followed him, yes sir, and we can't regret it
And I only wish Barry would be a credit
To his memory! 'Cause I want you to understand
The U.S.A. is still a great, great land!

We gotta get a better leader
We gotta raise a better plan
Our Constitution a firm foundation
And the U.S.A. will shine again!

~copyright material from Mrs. Paddy's Political Parodies, A Tea Party Songbook for the New Revolution, page 99-100

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