Friday, April 29, 2011

Parody of Superstition (Stevie Wonder)

From Page 249 of my book Mrs. Paddy's Political Parodies, A Songbook for the New Revolution. From Stevie Wonder's song: Superstition

Now It's a Recession!
A Paddy Whack

(Cue Drums and Funky music!)
Now it's a Recession! This guy's off the wall
Says it's a Depression! Stimulus for all
Trillion dollar Bail-out! broke the middle class
Sixty years of Bad Debt, the good things all are past

When you believed in Hope, what you don't understand
We all Suffer!
Obamanation ain't the Way.

Isn't he audacious? Watch his bait and switch
Don't you see the problem? Bail-outs are a bitch
This is like a bad dream, What he does is wrong
He don't wanna save us, But we must stand strong!

When you believed B.O. what you don't understand
Is we'll suffer!
Obamanation ain't the Way, yeh yeh

Barry's Great Depression, nothin' more to say
Liberty's Regression, devil's here to stay
Trillion Dollar Bail-Out! Broke the middle class!
Sixty years of Bad Debt, Good things all are past!

When you believed those things, and gave him command
Now we'll suffer!
Obamanation ain't the Way. No No No

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