Sunday, August 30, 2009

They Call Him Bumbling Barry

Original theme song from Blazing Saddles, Frankie Laine and Mel Brooks

A Paddy Whack©
They Call Him Bumbling Barry

They call him Bumbling Barry
No More a Shining star
Without his teleprompter
He'll need a language Czar!
He promised Hope and he promised Change
He read every word from the glass!
But now his teleprompter has bit the dust at last.

When BailOuts fail the test,
And fear fills the land
With Cap & Trade, and more Foreign Aid,
Now Health Care is his plan
We don't need a Czar or a state run Car,
Big Brother is not what we need!
But now one and all we'll descend on the mall
We'll March 'cause we're TEA'd,
Yes March! We're all TEA'd

We call him Bumbling Barry,
No more a shining star!
Corrupt Administration
Has put us where we are.
With BailOuts here, and more BailOuts there
He turned our Might to Foul Play
But no more Bumbling Barry!
It's Independence Day!

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